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VFS with quotas

Applicable to version(s): **4.x-5.x** The Virtual File System (VFS) introduced in Server! v4.0 comes with a long-awaited feature: **quota management**. The Windows OS features very powerful yet complicated quota management, but it’s only available in Windows Server editions and requires optional feature…

VFS.ImportFile and VFS.ExportFile

Applicable to version(s): **4.1.6 - 5.x** As of version 4.1.6, Server! added 2 new functions to the VFS object for you to use inside your event-handling scripts (requires the Ultimate edition of the software). Say, for example, that you have an encrypted VFS, like a VFS of type **DiskAES256**. As you s…

Virtual File System (VFS) and Impersonation

Applicable to version(s): **4.x-5.x** While in old versions of Server! (v1-v3) impersonation capabilities were limited to either no impersonation at all or impersonating the logged-in Windows/AD user, starting from Server! v4 range of possibilities has broadened: 1. **None**: this is the …

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