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How to add a node/server to a high-availability (HA) set

Applicable to version(s): **5.x** This video shows how to add an additional node/server to an existing Server! v5, turning it into a high-availability (HA) deployment. It only deals with **the addition of the second node**, we strongly recommend you to also [check out this other article to learn how to …

How to install Server! v5

Applicable to version(s): **5.x** This video shows how to install Server! version 5.x either as a **single standalone server** or as the **first node of a high availability** deployment. Now that you’ve set up your Server! v5 as a standalone server, we suggest you check out this other artic…

How to upgrade Server! from V4 to V5

The video here below shows the recommended procedure to upgrade your Server! from version 4.x to the new version 5.x. This article assumes you’ve already read and understood the following 2 knowledge base articles before you attempt the upgrade process: * [Everything you need to know about Syncplify.m…

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