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Maintenance/support subscription explained

Every time you purchase a Server! software, you get (included with your first purchase) a **1-year maintenance/support subscription**. But what is it exactly? It’s a yearly subscription that entitles all of our customers to the following: * All updates/upgrades to all minor and major versions released… Server! V5 maintenance/support subscription explained

As of Server! version 5.x, we’ve applied a few technical changes in the way the maintenance/support subscription works. Nothing has changed from a philosophical/legal standpoint, only the technology has changed. Just as before, you need an active maintenance/support subscription to: * install updates/…

Everything you need to know about Server! V5 license codes

Applicable to version(s): **5.x** In this article, we provide a compendium, sort of a FAQ, regarding the most common questions and pieces of knowledge that every Server! user should know about the new version 5.x licensing system. So here we go: **What’s the license code format?** V5 license codes look…

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