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How to upgrade Server! from V4 to V5 print icon

The video here below shows the recommended procedure to upgrade your Server! from version 4.x to the new version 5.x.


This article assumes you’ve already read and understood the following 2 knowledge base articles before you attempt the upgrade process:

It is recommended, before upgrading to v5.x, to make sure that you’re running the latest version 4, which is v4.2.5.


Also, it should go without saying (but we say it anyway), that prior to any major upgrade like this you should always make sure to take a snapshot or a full backup of the machine/VM running your existing version. This way, should anything go wrong during the upgrade, you can always go back to your old v4.x in no time.


Last but not least, the “magic URL” mentioned in the video, the one to back up your old v4.x configuration is (note: it works only with Chrome):\SMSBackup&file=BK$datetime



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